Traditional Cornish Pasties and More

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Meet Our Pasties

A Potter’s Pasty has a crust with the perfect balance of durability and tender flakiness.  We offer them with the traditional filling as well as creative fillings to satisfy a range of palettes.

Potters Traditional Cornish Pasty

The Traditional Pasty

Our version of the original Cornish pasty with minced beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and rosemary gravy.

Potters Thai Veg Pasty

Thai Veg Pasty

Our Asian fusion pasty with potato, carrot, spinach, and ginger in a red Thai coconut cream sauce

Potters Chicken Pasty

Chicken Pasty

This pasty is a chicken potpie you can eat with your hands.

Potters Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll

Homemade Sicilian sausage rolled up in pasty dough. Sausage rolls are all the same size. Large price is for 2 rolls

Current Specials

We love to be creative. In addition to our regular pasty line-up you will find holiday and seasonally inspired pasties and desserts that are available for limited times throughout the year.

Classic Cornish Pasty

Porko Italiano

Pulled Pork, Onions, Roasted tomatoes, chickpeas, pureed sweet potato, spicy roasted pepper coulis (served on the side)

S'mores Pie


The classic campfire S’more made into a pie with Graham cracker crust, marshmallow filling and Swiss chocolate.

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Traditional pasty

What's a Pasty?

The pasty (pronounced pastee) originated from England centuries ago. English miners wanted a way to bring savory pies with them into the bellows of the earth so they could enjoy the taste of home whilst they were away. The biggest problems they faced back then were keeping them in one piece. That and a lack of utensils to eat them with.

After years of consuming broken pies soiled from the silt on their hands, the pasty was born. Stuffed with huge portions of veg and meat these pies were have said to have been dropped down a mile long shaft without obtaining a single fracture. The crust provided a handle in which to hold them with while the said miner enjoyed a grit free lunch of wholesome English ale pie. This style of eating landed on American shores of Lake Michigan up in the Iron Range in the mid 1800’s and continued the English mining tradition that is still alive and well today. Being a native Minnesotinite who has spent a significant amount of time in the vast lakes and forests of our state, I have always wanted a warm bite that wouldn’t go soggy, leak, break, or lose it’s appeal in whatever activity I was engaged in.

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