Picnic Veg Pasty

Homemade veg stock infused with Morel & Shiitake mushrooms. This pasty is only available at our new Salt Lake City Cottage.

$7 Small
Potters Traditional Cornish Pasty

Our version of the original Cornish pasty with minced beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and rosemary gravy.

$7 Small
$13 Large
Potters Thai Veg Pasty

Our Asian fusion pasty with potato, carrot, spinach, and ginger in a red Thai coconut cream sauce

$7 Small
$13 Large
Potters Chicken Pasty

This pasty is a chicken potpie you can eat with your hands.

$7 Small
$13 Large
Potter's The Pig Pasty

Braised pulled pork, apples, onions and coriander.

$7 Small
$13 Large
Potters Sausage Roll

Homemade Sicilian sausage rolled up in pasty dough. Sausage rolls are all the same size. Large price is for 2 rolls

$7 Small
$13 Large

Current Specials

Sarah Nelson Grasmere Gingerbread

Grasmere Gingerbread has been made from Sarah Nelson’s secret recipe since 1854. It’s delicious crumbly texture is unlike any gingerbread you’ve ever tasted. There are two (2) pieces per order.

$5 Large
Potters Traditional Cornish Pasty

Chorizo chili, ground beef, black beans, onions, roasted peppers, side of cilantro, garlic sour cream and pickled cabbage

$16 Large
Mac and Cheese Pasty

Everyone’s favorite, Mac and Cheese, that you can eat with your hands.

$6 Small
S'mores Pie

The classic campfire S’more made into a pie with Graham cracker crust, marshmallow filling and Swiss chocolate.

$6 Small
Poached Apple Pie

Pastry wrapped poached apple, filled with candied nuts & cherries, whipped cream

$7 Large

Pies & Desserts

For Pies Small = Single Slice and Large = Whole Pie

Chocolate Puff Pastry

Dark milk chocolate wrapped up in puff pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar. This item only available at our new Salt Lake City Cottage.

$4 Large
Potters Banoffee Pie

Bananas, dulce del leche, whipped cream, graham cracker crust

$5 Small
$25 Large

Cadbury's Chocolate

Imported Cadbury’s chocolate from the U.K

Cadbury Boost

A taste-bud-boosting blast of biscuit in a soft, cocoa center, encased in chewy caramel and cadbury milk chocolate, packing a punch in every layer.

$2 Large
Cadbury Bounty

A coconut filling enrobed with milk chocolate

$2 Large
Cadbury Malteser

Chunks of your favorite Malteser chocolate filled with tiny balls of Malteser honeycomb, giving every mouthful a sweet, malty crunch.

$2 Large
Cadbury Crunchie

A chunky, gold bar of delicious honeycomb, smothered in thick Cadbury milk chocolate that shatters into mouth-watering crunchy pieces

$2 Large
Cadbury Dairy Milk

The classic bar of deliciously creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, made with fresh milk from the British Isles and Ireland. A mouthful of “mmmm” in every piece!

$2 Large

Potato Chips

A selection of State Fair like kettle chips


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